Attendee Behavior and Enhancing Value

Understanding attendee is crucial to optimizing trade show results for your company.  Once you have grasped what is happening with attendees, it makes your job easier when it comes to delivering value and things of interest for them at the trade show.  Delivering value and creating interest is essential as any sales or marketing person knows – once you have that interest, it becomes easier to engage in detailed business discussions which lead to negotiations and placing orders.

Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

Many newcomers to trade shows test the water before they take the plunge but there are several excellent reasons why trade shows work and why you should have a trade show display at one.

Trade Show Business Research Highlights Why You Should Be Exhibiting

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) makes it clear why companies should be using trade shows and trade show displays to promote themselves.  In terms of ROI (return on investment), trade show qualified leads are 50% cheaper to acquire than a qualified lead generated in the field, however the economic benefit does not stop there.  In terms of the cost to convert a qualified lead, a trade show lead is more than 60% cheaper to convert than the cost associated with converting a field generated lead.

Trade Show Promotional Giving

Free trade show giveaways are a well-established tradition in the trade show world, however many exhibitors are misusing these little gizmos and gadgets.  The golden rule is that the only thing that is free is “free”; attendees should understand that while you have some promotional goodies, they will have to work to get what they want!  Your trade show display staff should be trained to understand how promotional gifts work and the successful strategies which will optimize your business objectives.

Trade Show Chat Tactics

Sitting in your booth you can feel like you are watching the world go by, but the point is that some of the world should be diverting to engage with you and your trade show display.  How do you encourage this behavior and avoid the staring between booth staff and attendees as they file by looking at your exhibit like it is just another display at the zoo?

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