Your Brand Image is Key


You may think that branding and brand management are considerations only for your company's marketing and advertisement teams, and not necessarily a top priority when it comes to trade show stands and pop up displays. This couldn't be further from the truth! Creating a consistent brand image that is carried out through all avenues, from promotional items to pop up displays, is a necessity in today's market.
Consistency Is Key - The most important thing to remember when branding your exhibit is to be consistent throughout the presentation. All banner stands, backdrops, promotional materials, etc. must follow through with the brand image your company has chosen. There are multitudes of trade show display products that can be imprinted with your company's logo, but the key to effective brand management is to ensure that each printed logo appears exactly the same. The font, color and shapes used should be in agreement throughout the display to ensure a clean, concise representation of your brand. You might also coordinate the colors used in the backdrop, drapes and carpet to match your logo - a subtle, yet incredibly effective method!
When creating a trade show display or pop up display, it is also imperative that you step outside your booth and take it in through the eyes of your eventual attendees. Is your message being communicated successfully through the exhibit? If not, make adjustments before it's too late and you've wasted valuable time and money on an ineffective display. Of course, it won't matter if you have the most appealing trade show stand in the venue if the employee representing your company doesn't reflect your brand image. Before leaving for the show, take the time to outline what is expected of employees in terms of appearance and message delivery.

Keep Your Trade Show Display Simple - If you're looking to increase brand awareness and sales, a cluttered display is never the way to go! If there is too much going on in a trade show booth, attendees will not only be confused and overwhelmed, but they're also likely to pass right on by. Conversely, a clean, simple exhibit will attract crowds; and with the right combination of simplicity, uniqueness and the occasional giveaway, it might also be the talk of the event, generating buzz around the venue. Be sure that your exhibit focuses on one clear message conveying who you are and what you do, and carry this throughout this graphics, printed materials, and verbal presentation. Keep in mind, creating simple pop up displays and trade show stands does not mean they should be boring! Separate yourself from the pack with vibrant designs and colors, unique business cards and giveaways - all incorporating your brand message. An enticing giveaway that includes your company logo and contact information is always a sure bet, but be careful when choosing promotional items. Try to select giveaways



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