Understand the Behavior of Attendees at Trade Shows

Understanding the behavior of attendees is an important factor in ensuring your company benefits from exhibiting. Surveys of trade show attendees consistently shows that being pressurized into buying, or committing to buy, results in poor publicity for a company ensuring that they will not entertain dealing with that company in future.

Attendees want to be listened to, not talked at. Finding out what they are interested in, what they like or dislike about your product or service is vital. You get an understanding and interaction between you which can lead to sales being made. Get them to buy your product because they want or need it.

Take note of an attendee’s body language. It can tell you everything. If they are moving away, not showing interest or not listening, let them go. You’re better off talking to the next person that comes along.

Show interest in the person you are talking to. Don’t ask personal questions but, find out why they are attending and what they are looking for. Learn about the company they represent. Provide helpful advice. If you can’t assist them, tell them – even direct them to a booth that may be able to assist. They will remember help and may come back another time.

Always welcome attendees to your trade show display. You need to make them feel special, as if they are the only person there. Remember they’re right, even if they’re wrong. Respond to the way people behave. If they are showing little or no knowledge about your product or service lower the level of your conversation. Make it simple so they grasp the benefits. If they are showing plenty of knowledge talk to them about the more intricate areas of your business. Always play at the same level as your attendee.

Understand your attendees thought process as quickly as possible. Are they analytical, thoughtful or are they quick thinking. Working this out helps you predict the way the conversation will go.



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