Reasons why you should Exhibit at Trade Show

If you’re new to exhibiting at trade shows the whole process can seem a bit daunting, Advance planning is the key to success as you need to arrange your trade show display, produce your giveaways and literature and decide on your marketing profile. Organizing a well structured and knowledgeable team is the most important aspect. Without the backing of a team you could fail to achieve your goals and waste money at the same time.

Consider the seven following reasons for exhibiting at a trade show:

You get to see and meet with your direct competitors. Check out what they are doing and get ideas about how to improve your products or services.

You have a focused customer base that’s coming to you. No cold-selling, they already want to be there. They are interested in your products so lead generation is high.

Exhibiting at trade shows is cost effective. While they are not cheap to arrange and attend, the benefits are far greater than the cost. There is nowhere you can present your product and services to so many people in such a short period of time. Everyone than comes to your booth is potential new client.

Launch new products or services at a trade show. You get to find out quickly what people think. You can get feedback, answer questions and importantly, ask questions.

Exhibiting a trade shows lets you keep up to date with industry trends, meet and strengthens your relationship with existing client and you meet other business partners. All these create excellent interaction, enhances you knowledge base.

You get to build your brand name. Your booth and all your handouts will have your logo and name printed.

Recent research by Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) suggests that new business leads obtained at exhibitions are 50% more cost effective than new business leads sought elsewhere. Additionally their research found that the conversion rate from new business lead to new business on the books was 60% more cost effective.

If you’ve not exhibited at a trade show before now’s the time.



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