Obama Sets Out to Double US Exports in 5 Years

President Obama announced in March 2010 that the US intends to double exports in the next 5 years and thereby create 2 million jobs. Doubling exports in 5 years may seem like a tall order but not when you consider a that developing countries GDP is forecast to increase by almost 6% in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The US may be the world’s largest exporter in the world today, but that is looking set to change. China had a larger GDP than the US 150 years ago – economists are forecasting it will be larger than America’s again by 2035 if current trends continue. The scene is set – the US ignores the trends and gets eaten up by the competition, or export initiatives and growth will show the way forward for the economy as a whole.

Now you’re a small to medium-sized company without the financial capital or resources to establish and maintain an overseas operation. So how on earth are you going to form part of the export drive, which is coming with a host of federal initiatives, money and resources?

The answer is simple – you target trade shows where foreign buyers are coming to research and buy American goods! There are plenty of trade shows which cater for overseas buyers and can be used as a showcase for American goods. For the fraction of the cost of establishing an overseas operation, you can develop overseas business contacts and customers without leaving the country!



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