Exhibiting at a Trade Show? Recent Business Research Shows Why

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has for over 30-years been marketing and promoting the importance of exhibitions in the world of business.  Recent research by CEIR suggests that new business leads obtained at exhibitions are 50% more cost effective than new business leads sought elsewhere.  Additionally their research found that the conversion rate from new business lead to new business on the books was 60% more cost effective.

The evidence is clear; exhibiting at a trade show sells your products and ultimately costs you less.

Exhibiting at trade shows can provide a powerful marketing tool. If planned sensibly you are operating on a level playing field with your competitors. Trade shows present themselves similar to a price comparison market. In front of you are a multitude of exhibitors with thousands of potential customers that are ready to buy your services.

Exhibiting at trade shows provides good lead generation, markets your brand name and focusing on a targeted audience. It’s a great place to launch new products, provide education about your business, meet and talk to your customer base and, check out the competition.

There’s no cold-selling, your potential buyers are in place. Importantly trade show displays attract top company officials who want to be seen and heard. They want to market their company in the best way and to find out what competitors have to offer.

Exhibiting at trade shows enables you to keep abreast with latest developments and strengthens existing relationships. You are likely to speak to more people in one day than you would see in a week or more using other marketing strategies. Everyone you speak to could easily be a potential customer.

Overall exhibiting at trade shows and its associated benefits is possibly the most cost effective way to market your company.



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